Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Activities

First up, time to start a new project on Saturday.  Why finish the other stuff and the binding when I can start something new?  :)

So here's the start of a project with Castle Peeps, a fantastically fun line of fabric.  Love it.

And a typical Saturday night with the kitties - I barely have room to sit and pin fabric with all of the crew keeping me company.

Then on Sunday, I decided that it was the perfect time to stain the deck.  I think the staining project went pretty well, mr man at the paint store gave me some helpful tips.  I guess I'll know for sure when I look at it tomorrow.

Here's the before of the deck:

And then the after picture:

The only bad part of the project is that I somehow managed to get stain in my hair, which has made a mess.  Even after a shampoo - well, it wasn't coming out so I just cut it!  Really frightening, perfect cut for Halloween, I'm so set.  The other bad thing is that I can smell stain in the house - not good because that could mean I got stain somewhere else and haven't found it yet.  I was surprised at how runny the stain was, I thought it would be more like paint.

Tonight was dinner at Kim's, I have been having Thanksgiving dinner at Kim's for so many years now I can't actually remember if I ever had dinner anywhere else.  

Noah helped make customized table cards at each setting, and the result was a picture-perfect Thanksgiving table.  All that's missing is the Tofurkey and the vegan stuffing.  

Of course I forgot to take pictures of dinner, but trust me, it was delish.  Kim, her mom, Erin, Noah, Daisy and I all enjoyed our meal.  Here's Kim cleaning up!

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  1. Sher Ber:
    It took me forever to find out where to post ... so technically challenged!
    This is fabulous ... your pictures are great. i love the blog! I signed up to "follow" ... your blog ... whatever that means?
    Love you