Saturday, March 12, 2016

Carnaby Street Plus Quilt Update

I've done a little work on the March UFO, which is the Carnaby Street Plus quilt.

Here are the first two blocks I've made, laid out on the ironing board.  A little on the crazy bright side, but you can clearly see the "plus" in each centre.

It will take a while to make this quilt, a little at a time.  I'm enjoying House of Cards Season 4 as background entertainment as I sew the blocks. 

Tomorrow is quilting day, which means a fun day at Klara's.  I will be focusing on pillowcases again so I can mostly be standing.


  1. Looks great P. Can't wait to see the finished product. Noah and I drove through Cookstown today and he showed me the quilting shop. He is a quilting trainee for sure!

  2. Noah is definitely a future quilter. Perhaps he'll make those placemats he admired at the next Camp Auntie P and start building his sewing skills. :)