Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cyprus Lake 2016

As you know dear readers, every year my best friend Kim and I make the trek to Tobermory for our annual camping trip at Bruce Peninsula National Park, aka Cyprus Lake.  This year we made the trip again - it's the best place I've ever been for camping and it is more beautiful every year.

I've looked through the pictures on my phone and see that almost all of them are of Sam, Daisy, and various chipmunks.  Easy to see where my priorities are I guess.

Daisy has taught Sam all the important things about camping.  Lots to learn about chasing balls on the beach, how to swim etc.  Here's Sam applying his lesson about chipmunks (note red arrow to help you find the chipmunk against the forest floor):

Not to worry, Sam was on a long line so no harm came to the chippie.  Not that Sam had a chance of catching him in any event - those chipmunks are crafty little critters.

Sam and Daisy had a wonderfully happy time chasing balls in the water.  Sam finally had some success swimming but he's definitely not a natural like Daisy.  Here he is back at the campsite after a long day swimming and fetching. 

And my love Daisy as well - she enjoyed drying out in the sun after a day at the beach:

And here we have a nice addition to our campsite packing up efforts - now that Noah is a little older, he can help with ensuring the Thule (actually a Yakima Skybox this year) was filled to the brim and not one iota over:

So a nice week away, and hopefully we'll do the same next year.

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