Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Dinner with Kim - Updated

As promised, here's the update on the cake.  Kim had some orange candles for the cake that were perfect, so Noah and I sang "Happy Birthday" while Kim posed and blew out the candles.

Here's how the cake looked inside.  The checkboard was not as perfect as I would like.  It might have to do with adding the cake batter into the cake pan more evenly.  I suspect some of the layers were higher than others and that must have made them spread out a bit.

The icing was super yummy, as expected.  Adding the cream cheese really made it rich.

My gift to Kim was her flight to DC for our trip in April.  And she got this fantastic cutlery tray from Grandma - isn't it nice?  Kim was thrilled and had moved all of the old stuff out to put the new tray in place.  It fits perfectly!

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  1. Ymmy Sher: I need that cake recipe please! would you please look on the box of Crunchy Maple Sunrise and let me know the fat content; protein; carbs and fibre. also salt content.
    I like the make up bags! Cute! Had a great week-end. Went to a concert last light -- Musical memories from The Rat Pack! Really good!
    Have a fabulous week and say Happy Birthday to Kim for me. XXOO Mom