Sunday, October 28, 2012

One week to the US Election!

I just listened to a CBC radio story about why Canadians are so fascinated with US politics.  It seems to be largely that US politics are so lively - we are a boring bunch here in the snowy north - most of us agree on this point at least.

On election day, November 6, Kim and I will be arriving in New York City for a vacation.  Total coincidence on being in NYC on the big day, but what a great time to be there!

I'm sure in the remaining week there will be full-on coverage on CNN, and then we'll be able to watch the results come in after our busy first day touring!

Although Finished is Better Than Perfect is a non-political blog, I can't resist noting that although I have tried donating to Obama's campaign online, apparently they don't allow contributions from non-US residents.  (Ok to be honest I wanted some Obama election swag, can you believe this button collection!  But, you can only get the pins if you make a donation, and they don't allow donations from outside the US.)

The other really enjoyable part of the election from this standpoint is all of the humour and parodies of the election.  Saturday Night Live has been busy making fun of the campaign ads and debates, here's one of my favourites, a pretend Obama ad featuring relevant decision points about Mittens.

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