Friday, January 8, 2016

Modern Crosses - Blocks Coming Along... Slowly

I can see now why this project was in the UFO pile.  It's surprisingly time consuming!  I guess if I were following the pattern exactly it might be going more quickly, but I decided to make a larger version and there are a lot of the little 3.5" blocks.

Here's a view on progress to date - many, many more blocks to come.  At about 10 blocks a day, it's going to take me about ten days to get the blocks finished.  Good thing I have all of January to work on this UFO.   To complete the quilt, I will need about 6 large blocks (none done so far), about 35 medium blocks (16 done), and around 60 small blocks (26 done).

Take a look at this adorable little elephant block!  Can't get enough of this fabric, wish I had more of it.  I bought it a few years ago to make the Tokyo Subway quilt (another UFO - maybe for 2017?).  Too cute.

In other news, I put up some new pictures this week.  Cute cat and dog advertisement prints (a Christmas gift from Sam and Daisy) in the hallway:

And a vintage-ish American flag in the sitting room.  I bought the flag on Etsy - who knows if it really is old but it interesting to look at.  Note the gorgeous blue bowl on loan from Bonster below the flag.


  1. Wow P! I love that Tokyo Subway Quilt pattern. Hope you make that one soon. As for your new art, it's hard to beat Kitty Biscuits. Way to go Sam and Daisy.

  2. Oh and the modern crosses look cool too!