Sunday, January 24, 2016

One Week To Go!

Only one week left in January so I'm really focused on finishing this first UFO of the year.  Turns out my quilt math was a little off in my last post, I actually needed:

Small blocks: 160
Medium blocks: 96
Large blocks: 15

Here are all the blocks, (finally) completed and ready to go.

Today I spent some time laying out the blocks on Klara's design wall.  On reviewing the photo below I can see a few changes that need to be made but I'll start sewing together the rows to make the quilt top this week.  With input from my quilty pals, I've decided to leave just one orange block in the quilt.  It looks busy with all of those wonky blocks!  Probably best not to look at it if you're feeling dizzy.

The green painter's tape on the right side of the wall is where the quilt exceeded the space on Klara's design wall.  The quilt will be about 90" x 90" which is a good-sized quilt.  Here's a close-up of the layout surrounding the orange block:

One more week to finish and then on to February's UFO - hope next month's UFO leaves me a little more time to get some other projects done.

I wore a new t-shirt today and no one laughed as hard as I did about it - I think it's funny as hell but no one else seemed terribly amused.  What do you think?


  1. Ha Ha... I too could be wearing that shirt so I would have laughed..
    But getting back to the quilt, it is AMAZING! So cool the way it all comes together. I think your quilty buddies were right when they said just use the one orange square.
    Who is getting this quilt? Can I buy it?

    1. You looked at the pictures, that's great P! I haven't decided what to do with this quilt yet - I can't use it myself because the cats would have their way with it in a bad way.

  2. I love the blues in this quilt. Generally i'm not a huge orange fan, but that little spot amongst the sea of blues looks very cool.

    What was on the t-shirt?

    1. If you click on the "new t-shirt" link, you can see it exactly as I bought it. It says, "Clearly I have made some bad decisions". ha ha ha ha ha

  3. where is your new blog? we are waiting...

  4. I'll update it on the weekend when the top is put together. And on Monday I'll post about the UFO number for February. :)