Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almost a Guest Blogger

My best friend Kim started her blog up again last year, but soon, day-to-day life and being a mommy caught up with her and she didn't have time to keep the blog going.  So being the good friend I am, I offered Kim the opportunity to be a Guest Blogger on my blog any time she wanted to send out a posting.

So lo and behold, she sent me some pictures to put on the blog, but no accompanying message.  Still, they are mighty cute pictures of snow and Noah, and so here they are.  I'm sure Kim will find time to do a little writing at some point in the future and when she does, she can provide a story and more photos to share with you, dear readers.

We haven't had much snow here recently, and in fact we have had an extremely mild winter.  So when Noah told his mommy that he wanted to play in the snow, Kim had to figure out a way to deliver!  She and Noah walked up and down their street, "stealing" snow from their neighbours.

They piled the snow onto the front deck:

And then, Noah asked for his mommy to bury him in the snow.  Here he is:

Also from Kim, you can see her creative side at its best when finding games to play with Noah.  Here's a picture of Mommy and Noah playing "recycle the organics":

And, finally, a picture reflecting Kim's culinary talents: glow in the dark jello.  I'm sure it tasted as yummy as it looks.  The bowls of jello are shown here under the black light Kim bought so that they could see the glow.

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  1. What's not to love about glow in the dark food!

    As for the snow, it really was a desperate act from two real snow lovers. Maybe Noah and I need to move to Nunavut!

    Thanks for posting, P!