Saturday, February 18, 2012

Short-Term Snow, Kim's Glasses, Quilt Photos!

I woke up to snow this morning, it was super pretty.  Take a look at the snow on the magnolia tree and the rooftop:

Kim and I had planned to do some errands this morning, starting with taking some photos of some quilts.  She picked me up and we went to Sugar Beach down by the water, and Kim took these quilt pictures while I acted a hanger.  Kim said that we were lucky to be taking the photos at this time because it was a "good colour temperature" this morning.  Whatever that means!!  You'll recognize a couple of them from a previous post, but these are so much prettier to look at given the background.
Neptune Hexagons
Flutterby Diamonds

Kaffe Yellow Windows

Seagulls watching from shore at Sugar Beach

An old favourite - fabric I bought in Atlanta in 2006

Probably my favourite quilt - unnamed to date

Fresh Flowers

Sugar Beach in winter
And then Kim had an errand, to get lenses put into some new frames she brought back from New York.  So off to the optician we went, and here's Kim as she is getting measured for her first pair of progressives.  She's wearing her new red frames, and then the optician put this wacky piece of plastic around and in front of the glasses to measure properly for the lenses:

After her frames we walked down to a nice little spot for tea and lo' and behold, they had scones!  Yummy, we each had two tiny scones, double cream and jam, and a pot of tea.  Nice.

And not to bore you with all of the details of the errands, but I had purchased a couple of groupons for a local quilting store, so I dragged brought Kim with me and bought a few things.  The prices are great at this place.

A quick trip then to Fedex to pick up some makeup that was shipped from the US.  On New Year's Eve I talked Kim into buying a few things from this cool cosmetics store online. *smile*  So, we both received some lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara and blush to try.

After all of the errands we then went to see The Iron Lady at a nearby theatre.  While Meryl Streep was excellent, the movie was not great.  I was pretty excited to be going to see what I thought would be a political history of Margaret Thatcher.  Her politics aren't a fit for mine, but as the first woman PM of Britain, I thought it would be fascinating.  Not so much - it turned out to be basically a story of her experience with dementia.  There were a few flashback to her political career but the rest was her, alone in her apartment, having hallucinations.

At least now I know what Auntie Dave and Mom are going through with their dementia.

And now, at 9:00 pm, most of the snow is gone.  There's a little ice on the sidewalks, but the snow melted during the day.  This is the strangest winter I can remember.

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