Friday, November 2, 2012

New York City - Post Hurricane Trip

Just a few more days, and then Kim and I are off to New York!  It looks like there will still be lots of post-Hurricane strife in New York, but we'll adjust our trip and contribute to the local economy in our own way.

I'm looking forward to some Christmas shopping, and to a different scene - just a few days away from home.

Here's where we're staying, the Casablanca - you'll be able to read all about it when we get back with a full review.  The hotel stay is my gift to Kim for Christmas, let's hope it's a nice one.

I'm desperate for some clothes for work, and Kim needs some too, so we'll be doing some shopping on that front too.  Happily we will be there for more than 48 hours so we can bring back lots of things without a customs problem.

The beginning of my vacation hasn't started off that well - Daisy has been shaking her head constantly this week so off to the vet we went... and came home with a bushel full of veterinary medications and a $700 vet bill.  Wow, it sure costs a lot to look at sore ears.  But the vet wanted to be extra careful so did a blood test, gave her a full exam, two shampoos, two ear cleaning solutions, prednazone and antibiotics.  Not sure there's anything else left that she could possibly take!

That sure made a dent in my clothing budget for the trip, but still I'll have enough for some new shoes and a sweater or two.

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