Friday, November 23, 2012

No More Cable Bills!

I received my Mohu Leaf Plus yesterday and taped it to the wall... and voila!  Digital quality picture for about 10 channels.  Most are local channels - CBC and CTV for example, but I also receive ABC from a Buffalo affiliate and a channel we don't normally receive up here in Canada called CW.

The Leaf Plus is pretty cool - it's like a piece of paper and you stick it up on a wall (I used Scotch tape) and plug it into the back of the TV.  That's it!  I experimented a little by moving it around the wall to see if the reception changed.  And it did make a difference, I can receive various channels by re-positioning the antenna.  It's not the best photo below but you can see the TV and if you look carefully, you'll see a cord leading up to that white thing on the wall, that's the antenna.  You can even paint the antenna to match the room colour.  Might just do that.  Gosh I really need to hang some pictures up.

The picture quality is fantastic - as good or better as I was receiving with cable.  I cancelled my Rogers cable and there's about $100 a month now that I won't be paying to Rogers!  With Netflix, iTunes and Hulu Plus, I'm feeling great about TV and movie options, and so much less $.

I cancelled my Rogers internet service today and switched to Bell, getting ready for my next technology experiment, my new Ooma.  It hasn't arrived yet but when I get it and set it up, I'll let you know how that goes.  If it works as well as it should, I'll save another $65 a month by canceling my home phone service and switching to Ooma.


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  1. P- you have to come help me set up all the stuff I ordered, now that my Mohu is here too.

    so excited to break up with Rogers.