Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Projects

For 2013 I'm going to make some specific project goals, and I'll update with "after" pictures once they're done.  These aren't in any particular order, so I'll get them done as time and resources are available.

2013 Project #1 - Paint Kim's second floor hallway
I couldn't put together a list of projects without this one!  I promised to paint Kim's second floor hallway, it might even have been last year's Christmas gift.  This project is looming - Kim has the paint so one day soon I'll be able to post before and after pictures.  It's being painted Farrow & Ball Citron (of course) because we both like it so much.  I think it's the perfect neutral and so easy to live in.

2013 Project #2 - Paint the side door and trim
I can't believe I'm still staring at an unfinished side door every time I walk into the house, it looks so bleak.  I bought the paint this year but my back prevented me from getting it done.  This is a spring project for sure.  Let's see how Behr's Licorice Stick paint looks on my side door, with black trim.

2013 Project #3 - Tart up this little side table
I love curbside finds!  I found this little gem on a street near my house while out for a walk with Daisy, and it's been sitting waiting for attention.  I've got some big plans for this darling little side table.

2013 Project #4 - Make quilt curtains
The article below has been in my inspiration file for years - love those quilt curtains, I have to make some.  My living room needs colour, the current curtains are cream-coloured which I find pretty bland.  I think that's the reason I put them up in the first place, to be colour neutral because at the time the walls were a soft cream colour.  The new plan is to make some quilts and use them as curtains.  As soon as I make some bright quilts and hang them, I'll need to pick up some shades of some sort to let some light in when the curtains aren't drawn.  It's never a "free" project is it?  Always something else to be bought to finish it off.  Still, once I figure out which riotous colours to use for the quilts, I'll be on my way.  I'm thinking bright pink and green as the main colours, but we'll see.

2013 Project #5 - Rewire the Faux Fireplace Hearth
As an accompaniment for my new mantlepiece from Brad, this little hearth will be perfect.  It's in the garage right now until I get organized with the materials to fix it.  Basically the plan will be to give it a good clean, paint the hearth, and then rewire it (you can see it really needs it in the picture!).

Brad tells me these little vintage hearths are collector's items now, with the glass amber "coals" being sold separately from the hearth.  This isn't a fancy one, but once rewired there's a little light that goes on underneath that will make it look like the hearth coals are glowing.   Thanks to Kim for saving this little gem from a previous house I bought - I was going to toss it but Kim took it and now has given it back.  She thinks it's a loaner, but we'll see about that.  :)

2013 Project #6 - Repaint / Decorate the Bathroom
I am just not happy with the bathroom.  It was redone about 2 years ago, completely gutted and then new tiles, new tub, fixtures, paint, lighting etc.  I am still not happy with it.  First, the wall colour - I wanted something that would match the accent tiles.  But it's so blah - the colour is too muted for my tastes.  And because I haven't been able to love the wall colour, I haven't made the shower curtain and I'm still using a store-bought liner which contributes to the overall sense of drab. 

So the project is to repaint the room in a colour I can really love (probably something bright!), and then make some matching curtains and wall art.  

2013 Project #7 - Finish some of the Quilts in Progress
Assuming my back heals up soon so I can sit at the machine, I have a lot of quilting to do!  Here's the priority list from last year:

*Flannel Puppies quilt
*Hobo quilt
*One Block Wonder – tulips quilt
*Lunar Eclipse quilt
*Modern Mix - big quilt
*Orion Star quilt
*Shimmering Lake – ½ square triangles from Caroline - quilt
*Loulouthi Tiles quilt
*Fall-theme 9-patch quilt
*Crazy Eights – baby boy - not yet started, but Mom wants this one
*Crazy Eights – baby girl - not yet started, but Mom wants this one

But of course the problem is, there's no end of new projects that have caught my fancy!  These are some new ones I've been looking at, collecting patterns and fabric:

*Blitzen Christmas Quilt
*Dear Santa Christmas Quilt
*Union Jack quilt
*Amy Butler "Love" String quilt
*Chocolate Covered Cherries flannel quilt

My goal will be to complete 7 quilts from the list, more if I can do it.  I'm going to take the ones in bold to a quilting retreat in March, so I should get some progress done on these ones.  

What projects are you planning to accomplish in 2013?


  1. Look at you go, P.
    Glad to see I'm on yuour project list!

  2. Whoopsie Daisy was so sweet to send a card! Bad Mommy never thought about it :-(

  3. Soooo ambitious! Good for you to set down your goals. I only have one goal this year .... Retire at some point. At lease fully retire full time work ... maybe part time for awhile??
    Of course I would like to finish Olivia's scrapbook and start making some cards. Here scrapbook is going to be a mess. Each page improves so that by the end I might even know what I am doing??? Thanks for the scrapbook lessons Sherri! I done about 2 1/2 hrs worth so far! xxoo Mom