Monday, December 31, 2012

Daisy Got Mail

Oh, how to contain the excitement around here as Daisy received her first piece of a mail in a very long time.  The envelope was addressed to Daisy and had this card inside:

Daisy laughed and laughed at the card, which has two guys in the front seat, and two of her distant kin in the backseat.  Love it!

Then, she read the note on the card, hand-written by her cousin Whoopsie Daisy in Idaho.  Can you believe it?  That Whoopsie Daisy is a lovely soul, and so thoughtful!

Thank you so much to Whoopsie Daisy for making Daisy's day!  (And to my dear Auntie Jan and Uncle Dave, who gave Whoopsie Daisy the stamps!)

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  1. UFO excellent timeline and challenge! Ongoing quilts look great! xxoo your wonderful Mother