Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fairy Door Discovered in Sitting Room at Auntie P's House

During a recent tidy of the sitting room, I noticed a little country fairy door behind the curtains.  From the look of the door, it's pretty clear that country fairies are coming into the house through the garden.  I immediately called Noah to ask for his advice.  Noah and Kim came over to see the door and discuss what to do about the fairies.

On Noah's arrival, he inspected the door and concluded that the fairies are actually living in the basement, so we spent quite a bit of time running up and down the stairs to check to see if we could catch the fairies or find their sleeping spot.  No such luck but the fairies did play a game with Noah.  I have a feeling that with such active fairies, we may find another fairy door in the house somewhere over the next few weeks.

Searching the internet, I did find some information about the fairy door, which was very helpful.

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  1. So cute P. What fun it was running around looking for the fairies!