Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse for Daisy

Today was the end of the world apparently, although it didn't happen for most of us.  For Daisy though, it wasn't a great day!

Daisy had a scrap in the dog park this afternoon with another dog named Stella, and apparently Stella won.  Daisy came home with a big gash on her paw, and we rushed up to the vet to get stitches to close the wound.

Miss Daisy is not a fan of any kind of pain so she is limping and crying all over the house, even with her fancy painkillers and other drugs to ensure she heals quickly.

Poor Daisy.  :(


  1. and Poor Mommy! I can just see you "crying" as much as poor Daisy! Big hugs to both of you!! xxoo Daisy's Grandma :-(

  2. I feel so sorry for Daisy and her Mom. Maybe Ontario Grandma can make her feel better when I come down or Santa will bring a special treat/.
    Also I really like your Christmas Tree P.
    See you soon,

    1. T, I'm looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd! Daisy is pretty excited about having some turkey with you on Christmas day. See you soon!