Sunday, December 16, 2012

Auntie P's Christmas Tree 2012

Here it is, a little blurry but a quick picture of my Christmas tree this year.  I'll try to get a better one when Kim and Noah come to visit next weekend - Kim is a great photographer.

It seems like every year lately I have to replace all of the little white mini lights for the tree.  Last year I bought them from Shoppers which was probably my first mistake, they lasted only for the duration of the tree display.

This year I bought them from my friendly little Home Hardware store, and already had to bring one set back.  Let's hope the rest of them last for at least a couple of years.  Yet another example of products we really need to bring back to North America for manufacture - I'm getting tired of the cheap crap made in China.


  1. Pretty, pretty pretty!!! I love the candy canes.

  2. Your tree looks amazing, Auntie P.. the picture doesn't do it justice.. so pretty, as are your great decorations. I took a couple of pix when I was over that I will send your way.