Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Goal Review

Last year's goals did not go that well.  Here they are, from a post at the start of 2012:

2012 Goal #1:
Finish off all of the started and in-progress quilts. 

I started off with such promise!  I'm just going to say that work and my back injury in the summer really got in the way on this one.  I think I got one project done, which is totally lame.   For 2013, this has to be a goal, the projects and fabric are seriously piling up.  Need to get the back fixed up though before I can do too much.

2012 Goal #2:
Pay off renovation loan in 2 years, not 4.  

Hmmmm....  I did make one extra payment toward the loan, but then got distracted with something or other.  This is a goal for 2013 too.

2012 Goal #3:
Make all gifts for Christmas in 2012.  

See explanation for not achieving Goal #1.  Now the good news is that as a result of some jewelry classes coming up in January and February, you can probably count on receiving either sewn stuff or jewelry stuff next Christmas. 

The first class I took at our local technical college in November was pearl knotting, which is surprisingly challenging.  I made this little freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet, and while the knots aren't bad, there are other problems.  Like where the silk thread broke halfway through and I had to glue another bit on, etc.  Anyway it's another skill and I'm sure to eventually get the hang of it, let's hope I get better before I start making your Christmas present.

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