Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!

Noah celebrated his 5th birthday on December 4, and his perfect mommy Kim gave him a lego-themed birthday party for a few friends.

Here are a couple of pictures showing how amazing the party was.  First, he had 3 cakes, can you believe it?  Kim is a master cake decorator so she was ready for action on the Lego cakes - a yellow lego piece cake, blue lego piece cake, AND a lego guy cake!

He had a bunch of friends join him for the party, and of course at a lego-themed party, what else to expect but lego games, party favours, decorations and of course Lego guy to guide the kids through a lego activity.

Sure is different from when I was a kid - we weren't allowed to have birthday parties.  :(


  1. great cakes!! What an awesome Mom!
    The next pics of Daisy are priceless as well. I love the Santa & the couch .... just wanted you to know I read it all!! :-)

  2. Yeah Lego Party!
    What a fun time we had. Was a blast making the cakes.
    Can't wait for next year's party.