Monday, February 1, 2016

February UFO Challenge - Number 5

We have our UFO Challenge number for February - it's number 5.  For me, that means I have to work on my One-Block Wonder from Klara's class in 2012.

The One-Block Wonder is a popular quilt - here's a guy who makes them for a living - the quilt hanging behind him in the photo is a One-Block Wonder.  His quilts are beautiful.  I'm not expecting mine to be quite so fabulous.   It's very hard to tell how the quilt will look - it totally depends on the fabric that you start with.

As you can see, this project is in progress.  I opened up the case for this project and here's where it stands.  I got this far and then put it away to do something else and never got back to it!  Klara is the master One-Block Wonder maker, so I'll be happy to get some tips from her on the layout of the blocks.

When I took the class in 2012 I did a blog post about it and you can see some of the blocks in progress from that time.

Lots of piecing and pressing to do to get the blocks done, then the really hard work to get the overall quilt to look good when put together in a quilt.  Thankfully, Klara is fantastic at this part of the process.

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  1. Wow P.. I can't believe how much that One Block Wonder guy gets for his quilts.. or at least charges... maybe a business model? I mean, he called one of his quilts, "The Force." Maybe you just need a marketing star like me to help you come up with fancy pop culture titles.