Friday, February 19, 2016

Photos of Quilt Finishes

Thought I would share a few photos from quilts I've finished in the past - thanks to Kim and Tuner for taking these photos!  All of the quilts were made by me and machine quilted by the talented Caroline Berch. I don't have photos of many of the quilts so thought I should get these photographed.

Obama Quilt
Here's one I made as a Christmas gift for Kim in 2009.  The front is nice with a diamond pattern using 3 Sisters (by Moda) but the back is pretty cool with 2008 Obama fabric.

Castle Peeps Mixtape
I saw this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman and had to make it with Castle Peeps - loved it when I saw it online.

Lush Mixtape
I loved the Castle Peeps quilt so much that I made the pattern again using Lush Uptown by Lizzy House.  Such an amazing line of fabric - I have a bit more of it so there will be another Lush Uptown quilt in the future.   It's hard to make out the details from the photo at this distance, but the quilt features a couple of paint by number fabrics, which I absolutely love.

Salt Water Chopsticks
This is a favourite.  I made it with coral fabrics from Tula Pink's Salt Water collection, using the Chopsticks pattern.  The back has a minky-like low-plush fabric, very cozy.

Modern Mix
Here's a quilt I started in 2009 or so and just finished up a year or so ago.  It's one of my favourites as well - love the optical illusion created by the batik colours.  It's from a pattern by Mabeth Oxenreider. 

Blue Quilt
This one was made using a bundle of Kona blues and teals, and using the Escapade pattern by Julie Griffith.  Apparently everyone likes this photo best from the series.  



  1. That blue quilt totally rocks! And it is the best picture in the setting. Glad to be able to take some new pix of your amazing quilts. Have the next photo location already picked, so now you just need to make some more quilts!!

  2. Noah is here and really wanted to see the new pictures.. He says "awesome quilts." He says the Castle Peeps quilt is still his favourite but he really likes the blue one too!