Friday, February 12, 2016

One Block Wonder - Final Layout and Update

I've received so many comments from readers who want an update on progress on the One Block Wonder, which is February's UFO.  Okay, two requests for updates, but considering I have three readers, that's a lot.  :)

Thanks to Klara's magic, the final layout of the hexagons is complete and last night I started sewing the columns together.  Here's what it looks like as of last night:

The two left-most columns have been sewn and there are another 20 or so columns to do.  It's going to look great!  If the finished size is less than 85", I may use a red minky fabric that I bought for the back.  Minky has a soft plush feel and would make this quilt extra cuddly.  We'll have to see what the finished size is and then make a decision.

Tonight we got the columns sewn!  Here's how it's looking, next step is to join the columns together to make the complete top.  Klara, my mentor, nagged encouraged me to finish all the columns and they're done now, with help from her.   It's really coming together nicely.

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  1. Wow P.. so impressed with how much you are doing.. This UFO project really works. Looks great!