Monday, November 21, 2011

Caribbean Cruise - Not So Hot

Well I don't have a lot to show for this trip.  Honestly, this part of my vacation was disappointing.

We left Baltimore and travelled two days to Puerto Rico, then on to St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.  Yes, I did say Haiti, the cruise line has a private island just off Haiti.

The ship was kinda shabby, tired, and a little worn and dirty in places.  I'm all for old people, after all, mom and my Uncle Dave are pretty old, but the ship was full of 70-year-olds with scooters, walkers, and oxygen tanks.  It was a bit much, I was truly concerned about how I would get to the lifeboats in an emergency without jumping over all of the apparatus in use everywhere.

The food and service were great.  But, it was constant upselling on drinks and more, and of course every place we went to visit we were definitely targets of locals who must wait for cruise lines to dock.  I just didn't enjoy it.

I had been looking forward to seeing St. Thomas and doing some shopping, but again with the hard sell from the locals and I just found it unpleasant.  The prices were not that great so I didn't end up buying anything at all.

These pictures are of St. Thomas - but what you can't see are the parrots in dirty cages just below the line of the image - it was too depressing to take the photo.  I guess the only wildlife remaining in St. Thomas are in cages.

It's probably clear that I wouldn't recommend this trip to anyone.

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