Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Vacation of 2012 - Booked

Did I mention how much I loved my visit to Washington DC?  So much that when I returned, I talked Kim into taking a trip with me to DC in the spring, timed to be there for the blossom festival.  Not that it was a hard sell, Kim and I are both CNN junkies and we're obsessed with US politics.  (Which, let's face it, are vastly more interesting than Canadian politics, right?)

So, watch for more updates on this trip.  We are leaving the morning of Monday April 2, and returning Thursday evening, April 5.  The hotel is booked, it's just a block or two from the White House.  !!!!  (I still can't believe I talked Kim into staying at the Sofitel.  :)   )

Next up, booking the flights this week.  After that, we need to plan our itinerary.  We both want to see the Newseum, and a tour of the Capitol building.  I want to spend some time at the Smithsonian, and Kim wants to get to the International Spy Museum.  And we're planning a trip to Georgetown so Kim can get to DC Cupcakes


  1. You two will love Washington in the Spring! Beautiful! Your tree looks so pretty. I still have two more boxes of decorations ... do you want them?? Scrooge Mommy this year is not putting up a tree. I will be spending it with "aunty Joan" OMG! I'm sure I will get though it without killing her. I will call you on Sunday!
    XXOO Mom

  2. Just a thought, you probably shouldn't threaten violence on a blog, if you do kill Aunty Joan over Christmas it will appear to be pre-meditated. Try to restrain yourself!