Saturday, December 3, 2011

Noah's 4th Birthday Party

It was Noah's 4th birthday party today.  Big day, so Daisy and I went first to get her a bath and a party collar.  Here she is at the dog wash place on the drying side of the setup, she doesn't look that happy but she's actually great while being washed.

And then with her party collar on, you can see how nice and shiny she looks.  She smells good too, they have doggie cologne at the dog washing place so she tried some today.  Nice smelling Daisy.

Back to the party.  Here's a pre-party picture of Kim and Noah.  When I arrived, Grandma and Talika were at the party too, and we waited for Leah, Ela, and Jonah to arrive.

The cake was ready to go.  And for a little guy who is obsessed with police and firemen, what's the ideal cake?  Yes, that's right, an armed robbery-themed birthday cake.  Perfect for a 4-year old.  Kim went to a lot of trouble to put the bank and ATM at the back-right of the cake, and then the police surrounding the bad guys.  You can see the police cars driving up to arrest the two bad guys, complete with tiny green bills coming out of their backpacks.

Noah got lots of great gifts including some Lego and Megabloc kits, which Talika and Leah immediately opened and started putting together.  My gift to Noah was a picnic quilt - here he is looking at it for 5 seconds before returning back to the toys:

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  1. Hi Sher:
    Is Daisy feeling better? Cute pictures of her getting ready for the party.
    Where's the tree decorations??? BTW, I managed to get both boxes of tree ornaments into the Greyhound box shipped today. It's a big box ... but not too heavy. You need a car to pick up though. Love you ... Mom XXOO