Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Windows - Final Reno of 2011

I am pretty tired of renos!  I need a couple of years to get interested again, it has been a lot of work.  I ordered some windows in August and if you can believe it, they were just installed today.  They will be coming back to fix the outside, I'm not happy with the the aluminum capping installation.  But it is nice to have them in, now all of the windows upstairs have been replaced.

Here's the before in the dining room, it was the original window from 1951, the year the house was built.

And here's the new one, it's frosted so I don't have to look at the house next door.  It's a casement, opening up on the side towards the front of the street.

And there's a new kitchen window, of course I forgot to take the before picture!  It's nice because it's a casement, but it's an awning style, so it opens up a little from the bottom.  I like it.

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