Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanks Mom for the Pots and Pans set

What to do with all of the sweet potatoes from the Leslieville Market share this week?  Every Sunday morning Kim and I meet at the pickup point and get our "Market Mix", which is a little basket each of fresh vegetables, fruit and often eggs.  I have so many damn eggs right now in the fridge.  I gave a dozen to my neighbour Beth yesterday, and still have 4 dozen to use.

Tonight I decided to make a tasty soup, using the sweet potatoes I received in my mix yesterday.  I found this recipe for a curried sweet potato soup, and whipped it up.

Thank goodness I had my lovely soup pot from the set Mom gave me for my Christmas present.  Thanks again Mom, it's such a great set.

The soup turned out beautifully.  I don't like alcohol in food or dessert so I skipped the rum from the recipe.  I used yogurt and tried to make a little snowflake for the picture, that did not work out as you can see.  But isn't my pretty Fiesta cream soup bowl nice?

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  1. Hi Sher:
    YUmmmmm. soup looks great. You can do almost the same recipe with both carrots and any kind of squash. Using these two ingredients instead of sweet potato, makes the soup nearly calorie free! I haven't tried sweet potato yet, but almost live on the other two! Yum ... looks good.
    XXOO Mom