Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yet Another Package Update

Exciting news, there is an update on Mom's package on the Canada Post site tonight.  Apparently it arrived in Richmond at 6:27 am today and then arrived in Victoria at 6:29 am (I guess Canada Post can bend the time/space continuum to get stuff to places quickly).

So my guess is that the package will arrive at Mom's house on Wednesday Dec 28.  I sure hope so.


  1. Hi!
    Your potato pancakes looked pretty good! the secret though to good potato pancakes is a cast iron skillet! I used to have a cast iron pancake skillet ... long and narrow ... used to fit over two burners. We should get one of those next time I am in Toronto!
    Big question ... did it snow on Christmas Day???
    Big Hugs ... Mom

  2. Hi mom - no, it didn't snow on Christmas. It's been a pretty mild winter so far. It snowed last night and this morning it's an icy mess out there. Next year I'll try the potato pancakes on cast iron, I'll look for one like you've described or we can do it next Christmas. :)

  3. Hi Sher:
    Yeah ... package arrived as you know! What nice gifts! Thank you so much.
    Dawn is coming down for 2 weeks starting on Jan 18, then Auntie Lynn for about three weeks, starting February 10. I am hoping to go to Cabo with Dorothy (Her 60th Birthday celebration) on Feb. 3rd. It will be March before I know it!!! Love, Mom XXOO