Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Package Update

Well some good news on the Christmas package tracking.

1.  Auntie Jan and Uncle Dave's package arrived on Christmas Eve!  I hope Uncle Dave has a big smile when he opens up his little package from me.  If not, the gift inside the package will help him smile.  I am still laughing about buying this one.  I hope Uncle Dave finds it as funny as I do.

2.  Mom's package is totally lost.  The tracking site says it was received by the post office, but nothing further.  My guess is that the lady at the Canada Post counter was so mesmerized by me (or perhaps Kim, who was with me when I sent the packages) that she decided to keep the box herself, hoping for something wonderful for herself for Christmas.

I attribute the quick delivery on the Idaho package to the US Mail service, which is clearly more efficient than ours.  Canada Post apparently couldn't even get it on a truck from the station to the postal sorting place.

More updates later.

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