Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Annual Christmas Eve at Auntie P's House

Today was a big day, the First Annual Christmas Eve at my house.  Lots to do to get ready.

Daisy had a bath this morning at Metro Hound, so she is extra pretty!  Here she is just finishing the bath, waiting to get under the blow dryer.  She doesn't look happy, but trust me, she seemed to enjoy herself.  It's non-stop cookies while she's there.

I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for my visitors, and setting up a Christmas Eve buffet for everyone to enjoy.

Noah and Kim arrived first, and they liked the look of the Christmas Eve buffet:

I made a gingerbread house kit, it was fun but I am far from talented at decorating.  It just takes too long.  The result fits well with my motto, "finished is better than perfect".

While we waited for Tuner to arrive, Noah and Mommy kept busy watching for Santa on the Norad tracking site.  Noah found the site to be a very helpful way to follow Santa's progress on Christmas Eve.

Noah's Grandma arrived and although Noah was mesmerized by the Sound of Music movie in the background, he agreed to pose for a group photo:

It was a nice night.

I am upset that my packages haven't arrived yet in Idaho or in Victoria.  True, I sent them pretty late, but still, I keep tracking the packages on the online tracking site and they're not arriving.  In fact, the one to Victoria shows it as being received by the post office, but nothing else.  Next year as part of my "more meaningful" plan, I'll have to do better sending things on time.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Lots of love!

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  1. Your buffet table looks fantastic ... yes, the gingerbread house could use a little more "love" .. but the whole thing looks great! I am glad we bathed Daisy while I was there this summer because now I can picture the location!
    I will let you know as soon as the package arrives!
    Love .... XXOO .... and Hugs ... Mom