Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Preparation - Step 1: Get a Tree

Kim and I decided to get our trees early this year, so we went to our favourite place, Fiesta Farms last Saturday.   We each bought a Fraser Fir - mine is about 6 feet, Kim's is about 7 feet.

Here's the before - the photo's not that great, not sure why.  Did I forget the flash?  Hmmm...

And then, after I did the lights twice (had to go and get more lights) and about 4 hours of pulling pretty decorations from boxes, here it is - again with the not so great photo:

You can still see the boxes in the background.  I really need to organize the ornaments this year.  Anyway, there are 900 mini white lights on the tree, and a gazillion glass ornaments.

After a few weeks there will be less than a gazillion ornaments, as the cats have their way with the bottom of the tree.  They always manage to smash a few, or Daisy does with her tail.

Still, it's mighty pretty, and worth the effort I think.

On now to step 2: get the presents organized!

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