Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday 2012

I had my birthday and what a wonderful time I had this year!

First, a huge box arrived and can you believe it, I received a magical bird feeder from my beloved Auntie Jan and Uncle Dave.  It was just what I needed / wanted (is there a difference?) and it's happily hanging in the garden, feeding pretty birds.  I am always looking for the bright cardinals and blue jays in the garden, and of course the little sparrows too.

Kim and Noah had me over for a birthday dinner, and made these wonderful birthday cupcakes - aren't they perfect?  So creative!

And then some great gifts - see these sweet things from Kim, including the nice bird tray under everything which I will use often:

Noah picked out something special for me, which worries me, because it seems that everyone thinks I'm the crazy cat lady and Noah does too apparently.  So here it is, the crazy cat lady toy, Playmobil version with 5 kitties 4 kitties (Kim called to tell me there were only 4 kitties, that just makes it so much better) :

Kim also paid the deposit for something I really, really want, which is a custom-made stained glass transom from a woman in Chicago.  I should have it in a couple of months, can't wait to hang it up in the narrow window at the front of the house. 

Mom, thanks again for the wonderful gift cards, sure was fun shopping on!  And Eunice, thank you for the lovely gift card, I've already indulged and I will really enjoy it!

What a nice birthday.

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  1. Rockin' Cupcakes ! Maybe we should open a quilty store with a bakery P!