Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Kitty Family

I bought a new couch to replace my old one that had seen better days... and a lot of cat scratching.  The new sofa is pretty cool, red with white polka dots, but to save the upholstery, I've covered it in quilts.  The sofa's been in place for about a week.  Here's what the sofa actually looks like under all the quilts:
When I woke up this morning I walked into the living room and saw my happy crew of kitties all curled up on the new sofa!  Apparently they've all decided to be friends so that they can make the most of the new couch.  No room for me of course, but at least the kitties are happy.

Notice Bert is on the top, he always likes to be higher than the other kitties.  A bit power trippy I think.  From left to right, Tula, Peggy and then little Tipsy.

And see below a great photo of a cake that Kim and Noah made for Talika's birthday last weekend.  Talika was one of Noah's nannies and she's become a great friend of the family.  You would normally see a photo like this on Kim's blog since I wasn't at the birthday dinner (but she's not updating hers right now).  :)

Kim made the cake, and Noah decorated it - it's a map from Noah's memory of Sesame Place.  Kim, Noah and Grandma went last year.  This year, Kim, Talika and Noah are going to Sesame Place and it will again be an exciting trip.  I'm holding out to accompany Kim and Noah to Disney World.


  1. "Talika was one of Noah's nannies?"
    Wow, sounds like we live the high life over here with one cleaning, one cooking and one playing with mr man. If only.
    Talika was and is Noah's babysitter.
    No parade of Nannies for this single mom.
    Cake picture looks great, though!

  2. P I'm just trying to make you sound fancy. Beaches mommies call the babysitter "Nanny" and I thought you might like that too. Babysitters are neighborhood girls aged 13 - 17 and you pay them $5 per hour. Talika is so much more than that.